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Saho Group is a professional Lawn Mower Cables supplier. These cables include throttle cables, brake cables, choke cables, clutch cables, stop cables, drive cables, wire rope cable assemblies etc.

We have the most complete range of mower cable molds in China. The Annual Production Capacity for Mower cables is over 35 Million pcs. That means we can produce your cables in a very short time with competitive price.

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Our engineers also can customize these mechanical cable assemblies to fit your applications and meet your requirements. The following are some cables we have customized for our customers.

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Lawn Mower Throttle Cables

The lawn mower throttle cable is responsible for controlling the speed of the engine. In most modern push mowers, a throttle cable is connected to the carburetor’s intake valve.

Lawn Mower Drive Cables

The lawn mower drive cable connects the handle drive control lever to the transmission and engages the transmission to move the mower when you pull the drive lever up.

Lawn Mower Choke Cables

The choke cable is designed to restrict the flow of air in the carburettor of an engine. This helps enrich the fuel-air mixture, improving the ability to start an engine in low temperature conditions.

Simply put, the choke is about making more fuel available for the engine to use.

Lawn Mower Clutch Cables

The clutch cable is the steel braided cable found on manual transmission vehicles that connects the transmission clutch linkage to the clutch pedal mechanism.

When the pedal is depressed, the clutch cable pulls on the clutch linkage to disengage the clutch so that the transmission can be safely shifted

Lawn Mower Stop Cables

The lawn mower stop cable is a safety device on walk-behind, rotary lawn mowers. The blade break control is pressed toward the upper handle to start the lawn mower, allowing the blades to spin and forward motion on self-propelled models.

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