Throttle Control Cable

We can produce a custom throttle cable for most automotive & industrial applications. If you need any technical assistance, you can contact our sales or engineers directly.

We have the most complete range of throttle cable molds in China. The Annual Production Capacity for mechanical cables is over 35 Million pcs. That means we can produce your cables in a very short time with competitive price.

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What's Throttle Cable

The throttle cable connects your mind and body to the heart of your machine, which makes it an incredibly important link. Worn, damaged, misadjusted, or corroded throttle cables can lead to dangerous riding conditions and poor engine performance.

Applications of Throttle Cable

We are able to supply throttle cables for Mowers, Go Karts, Trucks, Buses, Agricultural Machinery, Construction Vehicles, Handling Equipment and any vehicle/machine that requires a mechanical throttle cable.

We can manufacture to your drawings or samples.

What We Can Provide


Below are some custom control cables produced in our factory. Contact us for more information.

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* MOQ: 500pcs
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