Wire Rope Assembly

Saho group manufactures high quality wire rope assemblies for a wide variety of applications. All assemblies are manufactured in-house by our fully trained engineers with each assembly being supplied with full traceability and test certificates.

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What's Wire Rope Assembly

Generally, wire rope cable assemblies have an end fitting at each terminal, which connects the cable to an object.

Our standard production encompasses wire rope slings and assemblies from 0.5mm through to 6mm diameter, in galvanized, stainless steel and plastic covered wire rope. All materials are fully traceable and we have our own in-house proof load and destruction testing facility.

Applications of Wire Rope Assembly

Typical applications of custom wire rope assemblies include: Adjusting. Braking. lighting, safety. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your wire rope assembly requirement.

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* MOQ: 500pcs
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