Custom Pull Cables

Saho Group has always produce the cables according to the needs of our customers and we have been successfully providing solutions to our customers for all their customized requirements.

We have successfully developed more than 10,000+ customized mechanical cables for our customers every year.

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What's Custom Pull Cable

Custom pull cables are offered in a wide range of sizes and materials designed for safety, strength and efficiency – from miniature cables to extra heavy duty cables capable of 1200 lb compression, 3600 lb tension. All the dimensions are designed according to your usage requirement.

Applications of Pull Cable

Saho group can custom design a system to fit your needs. Some applications include throttle, fuel shutoff, brake, clutch, window latch, choke, folding, escape slide actuation and many others.

If you need any custom cables, contact us. Our engineers will help you to finish the design.

What We Can Provide


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* MOQ: 500pcs
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